7 Sparkly Glitter Wedding Shoes You Must Try

Although bridal shoes may be hidden under the skirt, it is not easy to show up, but a pair of exquisite bridal shoes not only makes your bride's dress more perfect, but also carries the beautiful desire to accompany you through a happy life. Moreover, many MMs like to store wedding dresses and wedding shoes Get up, take it out in the future and see if I can still recall the sweetness of the time, so bridal shoes are very important!

Rose decoration

Rose is a romantic flower spokesperson. With its background, love is even sweeter. The bride's high heels decorated with roses can also highlight this romance and elegance. Stuart Weitzman honey yellow satin with white wedding dress is rare, but it also looks like Very well coordinated, the yarn-like roses on the shoes look very sweet and pleasant, I believe that the bride wearing them will be as sweet and pleasant.

Shiny gem bridal heels

The simple design bridal high heels decorated with shiny gemstones are undoubtedly one of the indispensable styles of bridal shoes. The wedding itself is a grand and solemn ceremony. The bride's dress should be gorgeous or noble, high heels decorated with shiny gemstones Matching a white and flawless wedding dress is the most appropriate choice. It complements the shiny jewelry worn by the bride and adds a lot of highlights to the bride's dress.

As a bride, you should also remember to take care of your feet and apply beautiful nail polish to your toes to form a perfect match with the shoes. For more exciting content of hand and foot care, please visit our "Hand and Foot Care" topic.

Bow Satin Bridal Pumps

The satin bow is also a detail that often appears in the bride's dress. It is not only cute but also very elegant when used on the bride's high heels. Of course, the satin bow appears in many ways, and a seemingly random bow will also be very thoughtful. The color of the shoes does not have to be limited to pure white. Light pink, light gray, light lotus, pearl white and other light colors are good choices, and it also specially sets off the bride's pure and flawless temperament

Classic satin

 white satin high-heeled shoes are the most classic and elegant style. The ankles are decorated with metal chains set with gems. Half elegant and half delicate, which fully shows the noble and elegant temperament that the bride should have.

Silver simple bridal high heels

Wedding high-heeled shoes are not only available in satin and lace. A pair of simple high-heeled silver high-heeled shoes can also be used as one of the bride's wedding shoes. The simple style and color are in harmony with the platinum wedding ring on the finger. They also mean pure and loyal love. meaning. Silver simple bride high heels, you can continue to match jeans or mini dresses in the future!

Sequin Bridal Pumps

Young brides may not like some grand decorations such as satin and lace. The appearance of sequins can neutralize this maturity and make the bride look lively and energetic. It does not have to be big high-heeled shoes, as long as it is shoes with sequins, whether it is simple The sandals of the style or the boat shoes of the classic style can all appear as bridal shoes, and can also be used to match everyday clothes after the wedding.