8 Best Sparkly Evening Dress For Night Party

Put on a dress, anyone will be very beautiful. The overflowing happiness makes your skin shine, and the excitement makes your gesture full of charm. If you do not forget the state of mind at that time, women can always remain beautiful.

   Black  Dress

Recently attended the evening party of this kind of fashion, the people in the entertainment circle are very willing to pay, all dressed up brightly, the media will naturally follow like a tide. Of course, I will not be photographed on the camera, and occasionally I will be interviewed by people from TV stations or magazines. In case I made a mistake and got on the camera, I found myself far away from actresses and ladies in the entertainment industry. No, it should be said that if I found myself a completely different kind of person, I would feel very embarrassed and feel bad, so I Won't go to that place. Now celebrities, I always love to watch on TV or magazines.



Speaking of celebrities, I like to watch the awards ceremony of the Oscar Awards where many American celebrities appear. Luxurious and stylish, there can be up to four or five indifferent award-winning ceremonies of influential works of Japanese films in a year. I must watch the live broadcast every time.

   This year, Japanese women won the Oscar in the field of documentary film, which was a sensation. Because she is the winner of the original Miss Japan championship, her qualifications are beautiful and she is very beautiful. I am very pleased that such an internationally talented woman can appear, both Japanese.

   But I want to say something unpleasant, that is, the dress worn at the award ceremony was a little inferior.

   As everyone knows, famous actresses representing Hollywood have arranged famous fashion designers. Who wears which clothing will become a hot topic, designers are now trying to show their talents, make every effort. The women are wearing such clothes. I know that the Japanese are incomparable to these people, but the fake flower on the sleeve of this actress's dress is still too rustic. After seeing Gwyneth ① or Uma ②, you will know that the trend of evening dresses today is simplicity. Trying to express the exquisite materials, excellent tailoring, and elegance of the figure. No one decorated fake flowers on the dress. While I was happy for the Japanese women's award, I was sorry for the swinging sleeves.



Then, as a woman, you must wear both trendy clothes and evening dresses. This is very difficult for young people. The first condition is to wear well.

   My first evening gown was more than ten years ago in the European social world. Half of this is true. During the boom of the bubble economy, I was invited to participate in the grand ball held at the Vienna Opera House. If you want to wear an evening dress, you must find a teacher, Mori Hidei. I asked the teacher to make a pretty emerald evening dress for me. Later, at the reception to welcome Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana at the British Embassy, I wore a purple one that time... I am writing this, but I am embarrassed. When it comes to evening dresses, there will be a sense of arrogant high society.‘



Later, at a concert for the HIV/AIDS volunteer, I sang songs with an orchestra, and for that I also made evening dresses. No one said how beautiful I was or how suitable the dress was for me, but many said that my dress was very appealing.

   Yes, I will work hard. Holding my head high, I carried the skirt and walked. I said to myself, I am a noble princess, and I am very elegant. People are looking at me, that's it.

   Without such self-revelation, one cannot wear evening dresses. In short, be generous. Shyness makes you cringe and must be avoided.

   Once I went to a party, and at the table in front of me was a lady in a black dress. Very modest, but she is not in the show business. I have been thinking in my heart:

   "Who is she, young, but so charming in an evening dress.


It turned out that she was the daughter of the producer Mr. Watanabe. I heard that just after returning from studying in the United States, her decent dress and decent manners still make me still fresh in my memory.

   But anyway, I'm an ordinary girl, I can't wear evening dresses, and I won't look pretty. Someone must think so, but you are wrong.

  Most girls wear evening dresses. That was when I changed my second dress at the wedding ceremony. At that time, anyone will be very beautiful. Put on a dress, anyone will be very beautiful. The overflowing happiness makes your skin shine, and the excitement makes your gesture full of charm. If you do not forget the state of mind at that time, women can always remain beautiful.

Pink Dress

By the way, this autumn I am going to the party in Paris. What kind of dress do you make... it’s not upscale, but I think I look more and more like Sister Ye